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UV Resin Pigment (0.2oz.) , Use this pigment(0.2%~3%) recommended for initial formulatory add color to our resin to get the color you want.

All color can be also mixed with each other to create additional color.

Tinting strength, good dispersion, versatility, and other fine qualities. Low V.O.C. product, comply with environmental requirements. Easier uniformly dispersed, improve color, hit the feed rate.

Liquid Color Pigment for VC Resin black, white, yellow, red, blue, green – 5ml

These materials have excellent temperature stability and solvent resistance.

Compatible with a number of different resin systems.

easily measured, and contain no solvents

This batch can be stored for later use base is stable in any proportion.

When adding two or more pigment pastes together,  it is easiest to make a 「master batch」 of the combined colorss and clear base, and mix with hardener as needed.

The master colored Part A batch will allow you to avoid having to match a particular color combination each time you mix some clear product to tint.

react into the system and do not change its cured properties.

The pigments will make a clear epoxy base resin translucent or opaque depending on a number of factors

Any UV resin application where you want to spice up your look.

* If the tinted resin has sat for more than a couple of days though, it can settle upon standing so re-mix it prior to the next use.



CAUTION: Use protective eye wear and gloves when handling liquid resin and cleaning up newly created objects.

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Black, White, Yellow, Red, Blue