Resin SubSF Form1

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Product Description

Please Note: Until otherwise specified, this product is in BETA. As such, it is still under active development and subject to revision/improvement until finalized.

Available color: Black

This blend of SubSF is especially made for the Form 1 printer. All prints using any of the colors we sell for the Form 1 should be done using the Form Software “Gray” setting.

SubSF is a great blend that is just slightly more bendy than G+, while maintaining the fast print speeds and great accuracy. It also has a higher pigment concentration, for more vibrantly opaque parts, and pigment does not settle out as fast. SubSF is perfect for snap-fit parts, oranything that needs to be hard while not being brittle.

SubSF is available in two sizes (500mL / 0.5KG and 1L / 1KG).

This resin is low odor, zero VOC, and very mildly irritant.

Each batch of resin is quality tested by Makerjuice to ensure you get the best quality resin, at a great price!



CAUTION: Use protective eye wear and gloves when handling liquid resin and cleaning up newly created objects.

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500mL, 1000mL


Gray, Red, Black