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VAT for resin

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Product Description

The SLA 3d print technology has 3 critical points in its design. The VAT is one of the them.

We are proud the offer our vat to the public, after experimenting with this numerous prototypes we’ve come to the best and simple design.


this vat is based on the so called flex-vat or pillow-vat concept, the idea behind this concept is 2 fold:


1) during exposure of light on the resin the surface bottom of the vat should be stable

2) when peeling of the printed part off the bottom the vat may deform but will return to its original state when the peeling is done


this vat has been designed for :

– Passive tilt

– Easy swapable film

– Reusability

– Pre-tention the film for optimal use

– Low cost

Dimension of the vat: 12cm x 18cm


what is provide with this vat:

– container

– 3 replacement films


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